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Central London is not short of drinking spots but finding affordable pubs/bars in the heart of London can be challenging. Here are a few gems which are guaranteed to be full of other fellow students and good drink deals/prices!


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vaulty towers

A fun and quirky pub with whimsical and unique decor, each seating area has a theme. You could never be bored in this spot, there's too much to look at!

  • Cocktails and vast drinks menu, they also offer food.

  • There's a quiz on Mondays and DJs every weekend.

  • Ambience is versatile can be appropriate for both a casual drink and for more of an energetic party vibe.

  • Average pricing but not hugely overpriced, £6 for a cider/wine.

  • Nearest station = Waterloo.


the lord nelson

A hip and quirky bar right on Southwark's doorstep. This bar is a staple for KCL students staying in Stamford Street Accommodation. 

  • Vast drink and food menu, often offer a special, experimental shot.

  • Outdoor and indoor seating.

  • Ambience is lively and this bar tends to be dominated by student customers!

  • Student deals = Vodka and mixer is £4 for a single, £6.40 for a double. Must bring student ID to use these deals.

  • Nearest station = Southwark.

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temple simmons

Simmons is a chain of bars, with branches all over London, one of the cheapest bars for students to get drinks. 

  • Drinks vary from cocktails to shots to beers.

  • Atmosphere is loud, energetic and dancing should be expected - not so much the place for a chill drink.

  • Temple Simmons is one of the select Simmons locations that has 24/7 student happy hour which prices a glass of wine at £3, a beer at £2.50 and 2 for 1 cocktails. Make sure to have student ID for these deals.

  • This Simmons is also on Dusk, an app which has drink deals for bars across London.

  • Nearest station = Temple.


the court

A definite student favourite, particularly for UCL students as it is right on Tottenham Court Road, near the UCL campus.

  • Range of food and drink options + deals

  • Screens sports, has a pub quiz and often has a super lively and busy atmosphere.

  • Student deals = £3.25 for a Vodka and mixer and £2.50 for shots - make sure to have student ID for these deals.

  • Nearest stations = Euston Square, Warren Street and Goodge Street.

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